At Maritz Fashion, we aim to deliver all your favourite fashion styles to your doorstep.
Complete your look from head to toe with our flawless style combinations in shoes, dresses, accessories and handbags.

Explore our Exclusive Wear clothing range, carefully selected to bring you chic style and effortless elegance.

Our Casual Shoe collection is compiled based on all your most loved styles. We have years of experience in finding the perfect fit for different types of feet. We believe in trusted footwear brands that fit like a dream. It’s all about, quality, comfort and style to keep your walk filled with Swagger.

Our range of Handbags leaves a lasting impression and makes for the perfect gift or “must have” item that will fit into your wardrobe seamlessly. 

If you are looking for the perfect Prom or Bridal Dress, we have a stunning collection of quality dresses that will make you feel like the “Belle of the Ball”. Add some finishing touches to your look with our beautiful Evening Shoe collection and just a hint of sparkle from our pretty Accessories.

Above all we Value every customer and strive to provide high quality products that you love and are absolutely worth your hard earned money. A happy customer is our goal and we cherish receiving snapshots in your Favorite Styles!

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