And suddenly you know…
It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” 
– Anonymous

I am a strong believer that journeys seldom end. Most of them are simply the start of something new. Each journey has its own challenges and obstacles. It pushes you outside the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Sometimes it means learning new skills and many sleepless nights of planning; but don’t give up! The result of every diligent seed sown is always worth the beautiful reward, when spring arrives and the flowers finally start to bloom.

Growing up in the countryside, I know all to well the frustrations of limited stores and choices. Therefore, with the launch of this new adventure called: Maritz Fashion; my team and I would like to invite you on our journey. 

At Maritz Fashion we want to inspire you with new styles each season; presenting you with more options and quality products to choose from. We’ve got you covered from head to toe with: shoes, dresses, accessories and handbags. Delivering all your favorite styles to your doorstep. No more missing out on big city styles!

We welcome you into our #Maritzstyle family and look forward to helping you dress to impress. So give us a shout whenever you need a fashion guru to help you make your dreams come true. We are always ready to help by adding that something special to your look. 

I have learned that each new day on this planet is a gift and should be cherished. It is important to work hard for your dreams and to trust the Lord with the desires of your heart.
Love, Miss Maritz

You sowed me in hard land
And dared me not to grow
You formed a wild man underground
Where no one else could see
You turned my shallow grave
Into a cradle of life
In the dust, in the dark
You put colours inside of me

This could be my last day
But I am ready come what may
Cause You are Lord
You are love
You have given me a new day
A New Day”

– Lyrics by Joe Niemand